King Otto Presents: Chrismix 2013!


Christmas comes only once a year and this year I decided to throw up some links to a few holiday mixes I dig. I did a mix called Gift Wrap 2 years ago in commemoration of my residency at the Ace Hotel that December which I’ve reupped. The great Pat James Longo did his Extra Funky Xmas Mix (all vinyl!) for Dust & Grooves a few years ago as well which Eilon just revisited today. This year, I went to the Midwest stash, and when I heard that one of Minneapolis’s finest was dropping a holiday jam, I wanted to spread the word.

This mix is great for your holiday party, yule tide celebration or the after dinner sprawl out from all of the food you’ve just scarfed down. King Otto, Big Ups alum and repping South Minneapolis to the fullest has finally put the finishing touches on this X mas jammie jam, a mix series he started in 2005. This one is number 6! It’s full of cut and paste holiday specials and plenty of funky ass treats for good girls and boys (ok the naughty ones too!). Edited for the whole family, those of you with kids can blast it loud without fear of your kid saying the F word while your neighbors are over. Otto has mixed some holiday songs with some heavy Funk, after school specials, holiday cartoons, and a plethora of samples to get you to move out of your seat after you’ve loosened the belt, drank the spiked egg nog, and started for the second helping of the pfeffernusse cookies. So enjoy King Otto Presents: Chrismix 2013!.

You can get this funky gem from his mixcloud page.

Keep Diggin’!

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