Big Ups With Calamity Jade


Always great to see someone doing their thing. Calamity Jade has been holding it down in Milan, Italy for quite sometime. An accomplished digger, Funk promoter, DJ, and radio personality, Jade has been promoting Funk & Soul music through her promo agency Willwork4funk, various DJ sets around Europe, all the while keeping all of us informed on the nu Funk and Soul scene on the regular. She is representing the sisters lovely, and what a way to kick off the new year with a Big Ups featuring this talented young lady. So if you haven’t heard of Jade, well, here’s a chance to get up close and personal with someone who’s holding down the culture and spreading positive vibes where ever she goes. We’re happy to have her on the pages of Big Ups this week. Enjoy!


Check out her Chicken Yellow mix here.

Follow Calamity Jade on twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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