Jake Bowman – 2107


While Hercules! Hercules! has brought NYC to a standstill today, and temperatures are dangerously cold, I thought I’d bring in some warmth from California here to the East Coast. I first got a whiff of Jake Bowman’s beat making when I was sent a remix of MF DOOM’S “Vomit” that sampled Dr. Finkelstein’s “In The Forest” from the Nightmare Before Christmas score. Very dope and I couldn’t stop bumping it. His catalog of originals and instrumentals is definitely interesting, sporting chopped and screwed Jay Z tracks as well as remixes of everyone from Nate Dogg to The XX. This studio guitarist/bassist/producer/engineer has worked with Snoop Lion, Terrace Martin, Chad Hugo, Kendrick Lamar, Dae One,the Gooneez, and is definitely a solid beat maker and producer. So when this track showed up in my inbox, I needed to give it a spin.

“2107” is full of 8-Bit goodness all around. Fueled by a driving guitar sample (Minor Threat?), it contains enough of the Boom Bap that we live for here at Flea Market Funk. I have been all over video games since day one (oh please give me some of that Intellivision Horse Racing or Zaxxon on Colecovision), this inclusion of the 8-Bit 80’s sound has got FMF hooked. Plus, who doesn’t like a bit of angst driven Hardcore guitar in their life? Blips and beeps don’t bother us, and although Bowman’s not the first to use them, his creativity shines through on this track. So much that I’m thinking of In-N-Out Burger, palm trees, and rollin’ in my 6-4. So let yourself ride on this one, and do it a bit different like Jake.

Check out more of Jake Bowman on soundcloud.

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