Straight From The Playbox


Last week Flea Market Funk had the distinct pleasure of being involved in a really great mix series by Kieran Lockyear. It’s called Straight From The Playbox and it’s 10 selections from DJs record boxes around the world. Ours happened to be the 50th episode of the series, so we were super excited to reach the half century mark for Kieran. The series has had some great guest selectors including Funky 16 Corners Larry Grogan, Ian Wright, Greg Belson, Brian Poust and more. It’s a great insight into DJs known and unknown all over the world, a look inside what people are playing at different nights, an homage to vinyl records. Basically ten selections from your record box. Flea Market Funk went straight for the Funk jugular on this one folks, pulling out 10 selections that are in our Tucker & Bloom x Rich Medina bag at all times that we feel will keep the party rocking in every way. While they aren’t your regular, everyday known sides, you can still get down. This is a great mix series on so many levels. It’s almost like our Big Ups interview series, but in mix form. There are so many DJs out there, half of which you never hear of, not to mention the taste makers and notables who are doing it out there. it’s definitely cool, and since we took part in the series, I wanted to give it some recognition it truly deserves. You see, there are a lot of people out there that have a special bond and love with vinyl, put in their time, get these records that everyone isn’t playing, and bring them out to the masses be it on a DJ night, web site, or what have you. Just like the obscure artists on the records, these collectors and DJs (myself included) are and were unknown, and make it all about the music, not themselves. At the end of the day it’s this great music that’s getting preserved, and it’s nice to see the every man (or woman) getting some recognition for doing not only something they love, but for keeping this great music alive. Cheers to Kieran, and cheers to the other 49 selectors who did their thing on each of their respective mixes. As Pat James Longo reiterates…Vinyl Rules. It’s taken the rest of the world a bit to catch up.

Here’s the tracklist for the mix:

Straight From The Playbox: Flea Market Funk/ DJ Prestige

General Crook – Gimme Some/ Down To Earth
Mad Dog & The Pups – Funkey Monkey/ Magic City
Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiacs – Just A Groove In “G”/ Carnival Records
Lee Williams – Half Steppin’/ Black Soul
Cal Roberts – International Funk/ Magic Minstrel
Cal Tjader – Solar Heat/ Skye
Little Hooks with Ray Nato and the Kings – Give The Drummer Some More/ EnJay
The Soulful Strings – Burning Spear/ Cadet
Jesse Gresham Plus 3 – Shootin’ The Grease/ Head
Dennis Landry – Miss Hard To Get/ Soul Unlimited

Stream the mix here.

Use the Cloud Downloader to download this mix.

Keep Diggin’!


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