Georgia Soul Council – Hip Shot


While we get a ton of submissions every day, sometimes things slip through the cracks. One such side was “Hip Shot” from the Peach State’s Georgia Soul Council. Originally formed in Atlanta, GA in 2010 as the backing band for Otis Redding III, in 2011 they got back together to do originals. Now leaning towards the 1970’s era Soul Jazz break beat sound, their passion has come to life. From opening for Otis’s offspring to sharing the stage with bands like Antibalas, Lee Fields & The Expressions, The Rebirth Brass Band and others, Georgia Soul Council has been getting rave reviews as they support their first full length offering Thickens Upon Standing. We went for the B-Side on their first 45 on DIG.

The B-side wins again (although the A is pretty special too), on this 7″ from The Empire of The South, sweet, sweet Georgia. Like something straight off the CTI, Monument, or Versatile labels, Georgia Soul Council get shot out of a cannon with their hybrid brand of funky Soul Jazz on this 45. I especially like how “Hip Drop” is so much different than a lot of stuff we review on here. It’s really reminiscent of those later 70’s groovers that Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, or Johnny Hammond were churning out. Is it Jazz? Is it Soul? Is it Funk? How about a mixture of all. We can get down to this new Soul Jazz sound just as well as the hard ass Funk we love…all day long. Georgia Soul Council are bonafide F-U-N-K-Y. It’s not often we get an authentic sound like this, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m just sorry we got on it a bit late. However, the important thing is we got on it, and now we’re bringing it to you. These cats have a whole slew of tunes to dig into that smoke hard, so get to it through the soundcloud link below. Support the indie bands making this great music.

More Georgia Soul Council on soundcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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