Soundtrack: The Story of The DJ

Portland, OR based selector DJ Zimmie, author of the great article “The End of DJing” (if you haven’t read it, please take some time to do so), has a great Kickstarter project that just started. Inspired by the overwhelming success of that article, he wants to make the first ever documentary to tell the complete story of the DJ. From the humble beginnings on radio over 100 years ago to night club DJs to Hip Hop to DJ battles, the birth of DJs as rock stars and everything in between, Soundtrack: The Story of The DJ wants to tell it all like it has never been told before. This film will showcase what it’s like to be a traveling DJ, radio DJ, club DJ, etc. With in depth interviews and behind the scene footage, it will answer all the questions and fill in all the blanks about the DJ as a profession as well as an art. From inside the DJ booth to backstage (and onstage) at festivals and shows, the viewer gets a bird’s eye view and commentary from some of the industry’s most notable names. With names like DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Z-Trip, DJ P, DJ Shadow, The Rub, Mixmaster Mike, DJ Nu-Mark, Rob Swift, Maseo and Spindarella to name a few to be included in the film, you will get more than enough insight on how important the DJ is to music. These people and many others touch us in just about every way, every day. More than we know.

We’ve always championed vinyl records and DJ culture here at Flea Market Funk, and in our humble opinion, this is an important documentary that has to be made. I take being a DJ for granted. I take DJ culture for granted. It’s what I know. Truth be told, most people have no idea what goes into DJing (DJing properly that is). They don’t know what it’s like to be a DJ, or for that matter, understand what the culture is all about. This documentary will be the one that brings it all out to the public. DJ Zimmie is a well known, talented, international DJ who is a go to guy for companies like Puma, Scion, Red Bull, Adidas, The Cartoon Network, and Vitamin Water among others. His mixtapes and remixes reach hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide, and his Podcast series Extra Credit interviews DJs around the globe. With his connections through the industry and extensive experience in the DJ profession, this film looks to be top notch if it gets funded. Check out the Kickstarter video for Soundtrack: The Story of The DJ below, and give to a good project if you’re down.

Read more about the project and pledge here.

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