Big Ups With DJ Riz

DJ Riz put out one of my favorite breaks records, Live From Brooklyn. As a digger, I remember playing that thing over, and over (and over) trying to figure out the samples and breaks. It’s definitely something I go back to when I’m writing, or just chilling. A great record put together seamlessly, and a phone call from Biz Markie, I mean what can be better? A former athlete and radio talent, Riz is a founding member of The Crooklyn Clan, as well as MC Serch’s former tour DJ. He is a respected digger and producer known all over the world. Whether perfecting a DJ routine, killing it in a club, or being the DJ for the National Football League, DJ Riz is as well rounded as you can get. A dude that has been doing it for two decades, we have maximum respect for this guy. It’s our pleasure to have DJ Riz featured this week in our Big Ups interview. Consistency=Longevity, and Riz is as consistent as it gets. Enjoy.

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DJ Riz Live From Brooklyn Part 1

Keep Diggin’!

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