DJ Cutler – 1994 Sampler


Today we have a preview from a talented DJ from Buffalo, one Mr. Mike Cutler, aka DJ Cutler. Mike is a Big Ups alum, and has put out some really great mixes over the years. We first got turned on to him through his World’s Greatest 45s mix through Jazzman and were hooked from there. Cutler has put his time in as a DJ, performing with the likes of Rakim, Kool G Rap, Pete Rock, Biz Markie, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Jeru the Damaja, Bernard Purdie, LL Cool J, Z-Trip, Snoop Dogg, Odean Pope, Les McCann, the Wu Tang Clan, and others. In other words, he’s the best DJ you’ve never heard of. With a Golden Age mindset, a Jazz musician’s philosophy, and knack for good music and samples, Cutler drops a snippet from an upcoming all cassette and digital project 1994, due out on April 19, 2014. This looks to be one of the more interesting mixes we have seen so far this year, and anticipate the full project being something that’s talked about in beat head/ crate digging circles for a while.


Alongside his crate digging and producing cohorts DJ Bobby Cousey and Tone @, the trio go full court press vinyl through classics, not so classics, and songs you will not forget. Maybe so, maybe no. Yaggfu Front, Hieroglyphics, Leaders of the New School, Odd Squad, and more pepper this sampler so far. It really doesn’t matter man, this preview mix is on point. Beats from this period were the most creative in the genre’s history, plus I think the most weed references as well. Funk, Soul, and Jazz interludes are mixed in nicely with smooth ass Hip Hop, cut and scratched, juggled, and passed around to perfection. Feel good stuff. it’s more than a trip down memory lane, it’s a history lesson. Focusing on the year 1994 (the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic coincidentally), we all know that the music made in that period will never be equaled. Smoked out beats, deep Jazz cuts, high top fades, Jordans and Barkeys, it all comes back when this mix is on. A period of time frozen, but near perfect forever. Let’s face it, there is a reason cats are still paying tribute to this era in many ways, it is that good. Many complain about this sound. It’s old, outdated, you need to get with the times. Flea Market Funk will take this sound all day. We don’t need any rave music in our Hip Hop, certainly not Hip Pop either. Cutler and company hit the nail right on the head with this preview of the mix. The entire mix will be released in 90 minute intervals (like a good mix tape should be) throughout the year. We are looking forward to this in its entirety. If it’s anything like this snippet, we are in for one of the best mixes of the year. Get on Cutler’s tip, dude knows his music. Blue Collar Funk in the house.

More Cutler mixes on mixcrate.

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3 responses to “DJ Cutler – 1994 Sampler

  1. Excellent! Buffalo’s where I came up. I want to invite the Flea-MF owner to post on a music community in Google Plus, called “All of the Music” If you are interested, the community link is:
    and my personal page link is:

    Links to recordings are shared there. For the most part, the links are for recordings by indies posted in Youtube, though there are some others. Point of pride is that this community has been open since Day One of G+ communities in general and so far we’ve avoided “management” takedowns of content through self-moderation. So, you’re welcome if you’re interested!

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