The Frotations – Name EP

Photo by Matt Johnson


v. Frotating, Frotated, Frotate. The act of calmly existing in a state of absolute understanding, acceptance, and peace.

Coming straight out of Beantown aka Boston, MA, The Frotations deliver the goods with their Soul fueled sound on a four song EP entitled Name, out yesterday through bandcamp. Call it Modern Soul, call it Neo-Soul, call it hyped up R & B, but seriously, call it good if anything. Founded in late 2012, these guys have made a name for themselves in the Boston area, featured in the Boston Local Music Mideos Vol. 8, as well as packing the house at their record release at the famous Middle East and venues around the area. The four song EP is a short journey through their special brand of Soul, injected with Funk and Rock and Roll to round it out. The featured track, “Magic Lover” is a slow organ burner that has lead singer Chris Kazarian playing Al Green, D’Angelo, and Anthony Hamilton at once up against the keys of João Noguiera and Vinicius da Silva ‘s swanky guitar. All the while, the back beat of Pepe Ramos keeps your head nodding. As Chris goes goes into his love rap and fades back into the croon, the organ turns it up, and by this time in the song, lovers should be doing their thing. “Serenity”, a Neo-Soul anthem, is as smooth as butter, while the title track ‘Name” falls somewhere between the quiet storm and the distant relative of early 2000’s Soul singer Donnie (look that one up kids), updated for 2014. The last track, “Butterfly Effect”, is where the Rock and Roll is injected in, a little Sly, a lot Living Colour, you can bet if these guys played the Super Bowl their bass would be plugged in and they would rock it. It’s nice to see a new band, so deeply steeped in Soul have another side, able to rock out with the best of them and still keep it tender and soulful at the same time. This was a surprise for me when it arrived this week, and I couldn’t sit on it. Look for more of these guys in 2014 for sure. Check out more of The Frotations below:

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