Unusual Things Found In Records


Yesterday, a story about a Motown collector from Detroit who was gathering items at a Motown musician’s estate sale surfaced. After the sale, there were quite a few items that were going to be put in the trash bin, so he proceeded to buy a bunch of records at 50 cents a pop from the people running the sale. In one of these records was the 1964 passport of one Marvin Pentz Gaye. The guy brought it to Antiques Roadshow, and it was appraised for no less than $20,000. Talk about a return on investment, all for a half dollar record. At any rate, it got me thinking about unusual things I’ve found in records that I bought. My man Prime Mundo found a bag of weed in an LP, and I’ve definitely gotten record with drug residue on the, I’d say the craziest thing I’ve come across was a coke straw, nicely trimmed in one of my copies of Grover Washingon Jr.’s Live At The Bijou on CTI. I’ve found letters, photos, and newspaper clippings (in a French pressing of Manu Dibango) of the artist. Along with items inside sleeves, I’ve noticed people always loved to personalize their records. I recently bought a stack of L.Field’s records. He liked to put his signature in strategic locations all over each record. If there was a street sign on the cover, it now said “L.Field” on it. If a person had a t-shirt on, he had an L.Field tee on after the person was done and so forth. Another thing I always found funny were the people that wrote comments beside each track. I see that a lot on Jazz records: too short, great horn breakdown, burner, nasty track are a few descriptions I’ve come across. Some people just write comments all over the damn sleeve like a thesis. Dust & Grooves did a feature a while back with a collector that specialized in these type of records. Unique stuff.

Somebody was having a good time to this live record!

So I guess what we’d like to know here at FMF, is: what is the craziest thing you have ever found in a record you bought? I want to let this run for a while, and then update it with everyone’s answers. So if you know some people who have bought a few records and they had some unique items in them, have them comment here or shoot an email over to jamison@fleamarketfunk.com Let’s see what we can come up with. And to the guy who found Marvin’s passport, I say go on son. Good for you. You never know what you’ll find in an old LP. From personal letters, to money, to drugs, to photos, and more, we can tell you one thing. You can’t stash a passport in an MP3. Looking forward to hearing what you have found.

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “Unusual Things Found In Records

  1. …drives me nuts…I’ve been doing this for years (35…14 behind the counter …& counting) and I’ve never found anything of note…unless you count an unnaturally large accumulation of Rod Stewart newspaper clippings or a Bob Dylan signature faked by the sellers Mom…but will be backwards & forwards to check on what I’ve been missing out on!….

  2. I never find much of anything in used records, but I definitely put a lot of interesting stuff in my records for future owners. Clippings of album reviews, concert flyers, concert tickets, and I don’t try too hard, but I get an occassional autograph when I can.

  3. just found today “tracy loves todd, 4 ever only you” written real big on a pickwick inner sleeve for the record Sounds to make you shiver.

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