J-Zone: Lunch Breaks

Jay Mumford aka J-Zone, is the most honest dude in the game. He’s not afraid to call it like he sees it and tweet about it or put it on his Facebook page. The accomplished emcee, DJ, producer, and drummer told all and celebrated failure in his excellent book, Root For The Villain. He is a supporter and promoter of working with what you have, even if the technology is not the latest. I believe he calls it his studio “the defunct analog set up”. If it works it works. Known for flipping easy, dollar bin hollas into magnificent beats, the man has an ’89 mindset and the work ethic of James Brown. Not afraid to tell you he made more money shoveling snow that he ever made on an ASCAP check, he’s has been working hard behind the drum kit to put out this release, available on Friday 2/21. So far it will be just a digital release, but if there is high demand for vinyl, then it’ll get pressed up. Word has it you can use these drum breaks (not looped, played all live I might add) for anything without fer of getting sued after you purchase the project. There’s a brother who is doing it to do it well. He’s also been DJing a bunch, and he will be joining $mall Change on his Jackpot! night in Brooklyn on March 1st with Edan, Chairman Mao, and a whole bunch of selectors dropping knowledge behind the decks. For now, we’re looking forward to these live drums, and if you’re a fan of breaks, you should be too. J-Zone doesn’t play, so get ready for some heat.


You can get a sample here.

Check out J-Zone’s site here.

Follow J-Zone on Twitter.

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