Flea Market Funk x The Diggers Union On BBOX Radio


It’s that time again people, Flea Market Funk will be on the airwaves (and online) at BBOX radio in DUMBO this Saturday February 22nd on the Enjoy and Be Educated show. The crew over at The Diggers Union has asked me to come in and do a set for their 50th show. So in honor of their fiftieth show, and to promote my upcoming Thursday night residency at the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron District starting March 7th, I’m going to be spinning an all 45 set (which I’ll be doing at the Ace all of March as well). I’m also going to be bringing in a few recent digs to throw on the turntables, so you’ll have to tune in for some surprises. For those of you not in the know, The Diggers Union is the duo of Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected. Mixtape Kings, they took their vast catalog of vinyl and musical knowledge to the airwaves of BBOX Radio last year and have not looked back. It’s not just a Hip Hop show, it’s a music show. These guys curate each show to perfection, and past shows included Dance, Electronica, Rock, specialized shows (Talkin’ All That Jazz, Give The Drummer Some) and more. They do specialize in the funky drums of sampling, Hip Hop and crate digging culture, but have an open mind when it comes to music itself.

These guys are an important show on the airwaves, and really take the utmost care to do something different. Both encyclopedias of music, graf, Turntablism, Hip Hop, DJ, and Kung Fu movie knowledge, Heve and Unexpected hold it down tight every Saturday from 1 to 3PM. This time, their show is four hours, and the’ll be two more hours of goodness to spread around. Word has it that there will be some other special guests in the house as well, so this one is going to be one for the record books I think. Unexpected is a humble and very good DJ, who IMHO should be out there spinning on the regular. Heve is a great host, who also comes from Poughkeepsie to do the show. That is dedication. These guys are serious, and who knows, maybe they will make their way to Sirius XM at some point, the show is that good. One our favorite radio shows here at Flea Market Funk, we’re honored to be on the air with them once again. As always, there are funky tings g’wan when we visit our peeps at TDU, so I’m expecting nothing less than a show full of heat from these guys and their guests. BBOX Radio is located in the heart of DUMBO Brooklyn, and it’s proving to be one of the most unique radio experiences in Kings County. Originally starting out in a tractor trailer container before moving to this small space (which hopefully will change with the help of community funded donations), BBOX is a place to play the music that you don’t hear on mainstream radio. In other words, good music. They’ve got a variety of top notch shows, including Headless Heroes hosted by friend of FMF Jeff Wilkinson aka DJ Brougham, who now has DJ OG Chino and Amir on the show as well. This is most definitely a unique radio spot in BK, and as stated earlier, we’re always stoked to get on air at BBOX. So if you’re not doing anything this coming Saturday the 22nd, the show is from 1PM-5PM EST, and you can tune into the radio station here.

Check out the show preview here.

Check out the new look of The Diggers Union website.

Past appearances of Flea Market Funk on BBOX w/ TDU here and here.

Keep Diggin’!

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