Big Ups With DJ Blueprint

DJ Blueprint and I started our respective sites right around the same time. This talented DJ, crate digger, producer, drummer, and beatmaker has been holding it down in mighty Luxembourg for quite a while in a variety of different ways. As a DJ, he’s played all over Europe and the UK, rocking sets with funky and soulful records for audiences in clubs and festivals alike. He is a member in one of Luxembourg’s well known Hip Hop bands ‘de läb’, playing drums and producing ill beats. Mike is a humble guy with an arsenal of heat in his record box, and I’m proud to say he’s on a short list of long time friends through Flea Market Funk. We are happy to have him on the pages of Big Ups today, and if you find yourself in Luxembourg, look him up, he just might have some records to sell to you. Enjoy!

Check out DJ Blueprint’s excellent site, This Is Tomorrow.

Keep Diggin’!

2 responses to “Big Ups With DJ Blueprint

  1. You had me with the piles of 45’s and DJ Blueprint interview was the frosting on the beaters as my mom would say. Excellent Post

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