Harry Mosco – For You Specialy


If you’ve dabbled in African music at all, no doubt you’ve come across the Nigerian Funk Rock band The Funkees. This powerhouse band released two records in the 1970’s and helped popularize Afro-Funk, becoming one of the biggest bands in Nigeria. Fame doesn’t last, and the band would break up, breaking the hearts of music lovers and hopeful rockers alike. All was not lost though. The guitarist for said band, Harry Mosco, released his first solo record, For You Specialy in 1978. This record was a commercial failure all together. Released on the Taretone label, it got no recognition and was shadowed by The Funkees releases on EMI. This record, however, was hard driving, with its Boogie and Funk overtones, and would help pave the way for Mosco’s later success as an artist in the UK and Africa. At the time, it was shelved and lost in obscurity. So much, in fact, that Mosco overlooked that he made it! It wasn’t until Uchenna Ikonne, a notable and African music preserver, interviewed Mosco before his death and asked him about it, did he speak out on this important record. Lucky for all of us music lovers.

Fast forward to 36 years later, Ikonne, well aware of Secret Stash’s commitment to releasing good music, as well as their history with African releases, brings this music to them. They decided it needed a proper re-issue, it’s never been reissued here in The States. The record itself is full of uptempo, boogie filled goodness. Funky as your Grandpa’s drawers, For You Specialy is one that can only be appreciated for its raw power of Funk almost four decades later. Starting today, you can pre-order this record before its official release on March 25th. The recording has been restored and remastered, and will introduce Mosco to a whole new generation of African Funk collectors. You might have seen the cover and the blatant spelling error. The typo is left on the reissue, however, as to keep as close to the record’s original cover as possible. The first 350 orders will come with a limited edition blue vinyl and a matching, hand pulled silk screen cover. It will also be available in a standard black vinyl as well with a beige cover. Either one you get is a piece of history and is not to be missed. Whether you are an African Funk lover or not, this is for you, specially.

Go to the Secret Stash site to pre-order.

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