Myron & E with The Soul Investigators: Behind Closed Doors

The one two Soul combination of Myron & E (backed by the on point Soul Investigators) are back once again with another Timmion Records sure shot. “Behind Closed Doors” packs a punch and comes with a picture sleeve that takes us back to the time when a picture sleeve really meant something. So did the music for that matter. This dynamic duo have been gaining much momentum from their debut on Stones Throw, but again bring it back to their roots with The Soul Investigators on this A side. This combination of the two singers (who can bring it hard on their own) plus the band is one our favorites here. It is up there with “Cold Game”. While there may not be a giant drum break, this side has powdered dance floors, Winklepickers, and sweaty late nights written all over it. In other words: if you dig Soul music, this record should be in your box.

“I don’t really think there’s anybody else that can do it as good as they can, they do it like none other.”- E on The Soul Investigators

“Behind Closed Doors” is an upbeat Northern Soul type side, complete with some great percussion in the intro. Myron & E once tackle love problems in a true Soul fashion. This time it’s a ‘he said she said’ type of situation, rumors flying about in social circles, and what really goes on behind closed doors. Do we really know? When I first got the record, I thought it might be a take on The Witches and The Warlock’s “Behind Locked Doors”. However, that Motownesque dancer, while great Soul in its own right, is miles away from Myron & E’s future classic. This side will no doubt be burning up the Soul party scene across the globe in no time. Backed by the fantastic Soul Investigators, who are versatile and able to produce the true Soul sound, as well as grimy, gritty Funk as they go from session to session, it’s a no brainer. The flip, “Turn Back” is the opening track from their Stones Throw debut On Broadway, available on 45 for the first time. Two very different sounding sides, but equally strong efforts.

Listen to “Behind Closed Doors”

Go grab this picture sleeve 45 from the Timmion store.

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3 responses to “Myron & E with The Soul Investigators: Behind Closed Doors

  1. Where can I buy copies of the behind closed doors 45’waitng for your response.

  2. Hello, im from argentina, i really like this album!. can you give me some other bands or names to get some other good music like that?.

    Is it(Myron) a singer with the band Soul Investigator band? or is it actual soul investigator band? Who is the singer of this revord?

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