Lee Fields & The Expressions – Magnolia

There’s something to be said for true Soul. You can’t buy it. Just because you put on a suit with a thin tie, some shades and a fedora, it doesn’t make you Soul. Soul is something you live through. Like the Blues before it, Soul music is real, something you feel (and consequently something you can’t pretend to have). There are many bands who try their hardest, bless their heart, to be Soul. However, there are only a handful of people who can truly say that they are Soul music in this world today. A man at the top of the list is Lee Fields. The man has been making real Soul music since the late 60’s. He’s steadily been touring and making music ever since. He’s reunited with his old friends The Expressions and will release the record Emma Jean on June 3rd. This new record has the man and his band taking new directions, touching upon Country Soul, Blues Rock, and other explorations of the term Soul music. Partially recorded in Nashville, the record has a track written by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Lee, at 63 years of age, remains focused and according to producer Leon Michels “he’s singing the best he ever has.” Truth & Soul have blessed us with a single, a cover of the JJ Cale tune “Magnolia”. Updated, Fields takes on this tune and gives it a fresh sound as only he can. No matter what form it takes, Lee Fields embodies what we know as Soul music. You have to live it to be it, and Fields continues to live it every day. Catch Fields at South By Southwest and in Europe during the month of June. We hope the world is ready for another Lee Fields record.

Check out the Truth & Soul site here.

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