Calibro 35 – Vendetta


We have seen the multiple use of “cinematic” (insert Soul, Orchestra, or Sounds) to describe a handful of talented bands that were putting out 45s this past year. One of these bands, Calibro 35, has made quite a mark on the music industry so far. With tracks that come to life from crime novels and gangster movies, the band’s sound is as big as the movies they should be scoring. Their new single, “Vendetta”, off of their second record Traditori di Tutti on Record Kicks, picks up where they left off in 2013. The band pull a serious library Funk vibe on this side. Fueled by the sounds of Alan Hackshaw meeting Morricone, the band peels out in a slick 60’s Jaguar of funky proportions, only to stop after three and a half minutes of aural destruction. Tarantino and Guy Ritchie (if he will ever make another good gangster flick) should take note; these guys are ready to drive the sounds of your next movie. You heard it here Hollywood producers, get these guys on the big screen. The 45 is limited to 450 copies worldwide, so if you like your Funk riddled with crime soundtracks and chase scenes, Calibro 35 deliver the goods tenfold. Get on this record if you want to move some dance floors. Here’s the single below:

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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