The JB’s – Food For Thought Lp


Record Store Day gives you a lot of choices. What to buy, where to go, where to wait in line, and so on. This year, the fine people at Get On Down not only have five different releases (including the Dust & Grooves book), but in them is the The JB’s 1972 crown jewel record Food For Thought. One of a few People records that the premier reissue imprint will put out in the coming year or so, Food For Thought is one of the funkiest you’ll ever hear. For RSD, this record will be pressed on 150-gram vinyl and features a 70’s style Stoughton jacket that comes housed in a custom 8 gauge bag with an embossed People Records logo. It may not be the CTI briefcase, but that is pretty damn baller. Two other goodies included are a 22′ x 22′ poster of the cover’s original art, and a bonus 45 of “The Grunt Parts 1 & 2” on purple vinyl. If you ask us, this is just what we need, a deluxe reissue of this classic record.
There are so many great tunes on this record: “Pass The Peas”, “Gimme Some More”, “Hot Pants Road”, “The Grunt”, “Escapism” and more. 1972 never sounded so good people. The JB’s at their finest, funkiest, a record that will make you jump back and kiss yourself, do the Camel Walk, the Wop, Funky Chicken, and the Robot. Guaranteed. If you haven’t heard this record, here’s a chance to get the real deal sound from one of the best backing bands (who were in the front too) there ever was. Oh yeah, and then there is this guy called James Brown. You may have heard of him. There are seven acknowledged wonders of the world, this reissue may be the eighth.

More info from Get On Down.

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