NYCT: Puro Show/ Puro Rock

Puro-Show_470Ooh wee the latest Names You Can Trust Tropical 45 series gets Summer here quicker than we expected. It’s a double sider with some Dub Cumbia from El Combo Chimbita on the A, and a highly anticipated new track from Greenwood Rhythm Coalition on the flip. El Combo Chimbita are a group of first generation New Yorkers from Columbia and an off shoot of the MAKU Soundsystem . Funky and absolutely laid back, this groove is reminiscent of some of the best music the Big Apple has to offer, classic NYC Salsa. It’s the attack of the double trombone as El Combo Chimbita take it from their roots and beyond on this 7″. The B, features an interpretation of the track by one of NYC’s most unique outfits, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition. Burning up dance floors across the city with their previous efforts, the brainchild of Monk-One and E’s E take this track and turn it into a Ska filled side. It’s as if the boys recruited The Soul Vendors to transport this track further into another dimension. Danceable yes. Extremely likable, yes. If you had heard the B instead of the A, you may not put the two together as the same (or variation of) the track. This record is equally strong on the dance floor as it is as a late night jam to simmer down before you need to go. Again, NYCT is putting out records that they want, without any fear of staying with the latest trend or flavor. The only flavor they are concerned with, is true organic riddims and grooves that they control. Watch out world, here’s another tropical banger for your record box. Leave a little room, it’ll be there for a while.

Pre-order the tune here.

Get the record from the NYCT site.

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