The Droptones – Don’t Get Caught

943230_480006912070412_1776494880_nDroptones-45While other labels try to get on the level of this Mid West powerhouse, Colemine Records just keeps putting out tracks. This time, it’s another left coast band, The Droptones, who just released their slow burner of a track “Don’t Get Caught” on the label. The Droptones, based out of San Francisco, draw their influences from such eclectic legends such as Sly & The Family Stone, Herbie Hancock, Little Richard, and Pancho Sanchez to name a few. Their brand of Funk and Soul is right up our alley here at FMF. Featuring a long list of Bay Area players (and dancers as well), The Droptones tackle the Isaac Hayes and David Porter composition. Originally sung by Mable John on Stax and a rare B-side that wins again, this band lays it down. Sultry and smokey, they do this song justice. What we like about it is the how they put their own twist on this favorite of the Soul clubs. They made it a little heavier, and nailed just it. Drawn out horn parts, and those vocals that combine Soul and the Blues; a true tribute to both the era and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into this original. Get this heavyweight 7″ in your box pronto. Ike would be proud. So would Mable for that matter. Another Colemine sureshot!

Get the record here.

Check out The Droptones on Facebook.

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