Gutter Snypes – Sucker Punch

Gutter-Snypes-Sucker-PunchWe love to hear new stuff from established groups, even though we weren’t aware of them before. In the mid 1990’s, we were immersed in Jazz and New York Hip Hop, so it would be a good 6 to 8 years before we even ventured into British Hip Hop (thanks to a mate in London who gave us a whole flight case of UK Hip Hop 12″s while on holiday. Thank You Big Man!). We weren’t aware of Gutter Snypes until Richard from SOS gave us a heads up. Fast forward a little bit and we did a Big Ups on producer/ DJ Sigher. Sigher let us know about the reunion of Gutter Snypes and schooled us on UK Hip Hop proper. Well, he wasn’t playing around, and since the article have released a few 7″ singles with a full length in the works.

“I arise like a franchise, when your clan dies in front of my man size hand flies…Surprise! Inviting suckers to lunch, a sucker punch”

“Sucker Punch”, if you weren’t paying attention, knocks you over with subtle horn stabs and hard knocking drums just to start. Tight rhyming, excellent use of an LL Cool sample, and tight cuts round out this 45 to a tee. A timeless sound on this one, Sigher really keeps in tradition with the original NYC Hip Hop he fell in love with as a teen on this one and just like that; Gutter Snypes are back. The flip, “Jillian”, weaves a tawdry tale of a high class hooker, scandalous! To many UK Hip Hop fans and supporters, we’re sure it has been a long time coming, as you experienced the first Gutter Snypes invasion in the 90’s and this reunion keeps that nostalgic feeling going. However, for many of us, this is not a reintroduction, but a first hello to this crew. They say first impressions never get to happen again, and we are looking forward to spinning their back catalog often here at the lab. “Sucker Punch” knocked us over, but we are getting up and taking it again, because this is what real Hip Hop sounds like. It doesn’t matter where it’s made.

Get the limited edition record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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