Big Ups With Sigher


Here’s a fella I was introduced to by Mr. Krum. You know w hen you speak to someone for the first time and you immediately have a connection? Sigher is one of these people. We instantly bonded on break dancing, Hip Hop culture, skateboarding, BMX bicycles, and of course, records. Sigher is a record collector, crate digger, and producer for the UK Hip Hop group Gutter Snypes (among others). Beat maker and champion of all things vinyl, Sigher knows his way around the MPC and a box of dusty records. For those of you that don’t know Russell, here’s a chance for you to get up close and personal with this dedicated vinyl fanatic and all around good guy. Word has it he is pretty nice with a football still, so maybe in between making beats and digging England can call him up for World Cup 2014, they’ve got some injuries. Please enjoy Sigher from the Gutter Snypes. He’s got some great things to share.


Keep Diggin’!

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