Kick Off Your Weekend With The Edan Radio Show Re-Upped

Edan-Radio-Show-No-2Cover by Jennifer Dayton (


Here’s exactly what you need to kick off the weekend. Edan has just unearthed the second installment of his radio show on his Soundcloud page. It’s old, but who cares? This mix kills it. Chock full of vinyl nuggets, tastefully blended that run the gamut through of a ton of genres and bands (Jungle Brothers, Them, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, and The Troggs among others), Edan proves once again that he is a super talented cat not just rapping (or DJing with one hand while he’s rapping), but is a top selector as well. If you are a fan of Edan’s work, you know he dips into the Rock/ Psych/ Fuzzy Funk & Soul world, and this show illustrates it perfectly. This is something you need to walk around listening to on headphones and tuning out the world around you. The guy has great taste in music, and while we are always about the funky stuff, this show is a great change of pace for the changing temperatures here in NYC. I’ll be putting my parka on and walking in the 30 degree weather with this thing blasting. So get out from behind your desk and do something, but make sure you’re bringing this mix with you. It’s a must.

Keep Diggin’!

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