Blood Money – Nighttime Gangster Jazz

artworks-000075282232-64t6mc-t500x500We think that everyone should have their own theme music, why not? Whether it’s the What’s Happening theme when you’re cruising the block (hey hey hey) or when you are a champion at whatever you’re doing. It’s so necessary. There should be some sort of soundtrack in your head that you think is blasting for everyone to hear. Maybe it’s really playing out loud, but who are we to judge? That being said, what sort of soundtracks do the gangsters, pimps, hit men or killers use? Why Nighttime Gangster Jazz: Music For Smooth Criminals no doubt. Flea Market Funk fam Adam “Wax On” Gow, producer and DJ extraordinaire has teamed up with Sparkle Motion’s TOBES to form Blood Money. Together, they have released this 60 minute mix is filled with smoothed out Jazz from the 70’s and 80’s, perfect for all of you illegal nocturnal activities. Full of gangster movie dialogue throughout, this mix is features known jazzy tracks, library record scores, obscure treats, and crate digger’s delights. Mixed together seamlessly with much attention to detail, Nighttime Gangster Jazz should not only be played at night, but you should be watching your back when you do. Both Wax On and TOBES have done their homework, not just in the digging department, but have included dialogue from some of the greatest gangster scenes around. Now sit back and enjoy, that’s if you’re not too nervous.

Keep Diggin’!

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