Classic Album Sundays: Quincy Jones Walking In Space

CAS-NYC-QuincyHere’s the concept. Take a classic LP. Play it over an audiophile sound system for an audience in its entirety to give the listener a pure listening experience. Repeat all over the globe. Inspired by a friend who had a site that prompted people to listen to a record from start to finish on a particular Sunday night, Classic Album Sundays was born. Since its inception, CAS has traveled around the world revisiting classic records from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Roxy Music, David Bowie, and many more. Coleen “Cosmo” Murphy and her husband are bringing the art of listening to an entire album without interruption back. Listening the way we used to do it when we waited in line, or drove an hour and a half to get that special release before racing home and locking ourselves in our record room to listen alone or with friends. It’s a genius concept. We all listen to records, but do we listen to them? With much background noise and distractions, like sitting at your computer or chasing a child, or ordering another round at the pub, we may be hearing music, but not really listening. CAS is a beautiful idea, and a way to hear classic releases like you’ve never heard before.

For those in the NYC area on April 19th, you are in for a special treat. As a pre-launch for Dust & Grooves book release party, Classic Album Sundays will be hosting a special one off listening session at the PowerHouse Arena in DUMBO to celebrate the launch. The record that will be featured is Quincy Jones classic Walking In Space, author Eilon Paz’s favorite record. Led by Ron Like Hell and Paz himself, the session has an audio menu as follows:

Rega Apheta MC Cartridge
Rega P9 Turntable
Moon 310 LP Phono Preamp
Moon P7 Line Preamp
Cardas balanced cabling with power amps
Loudspeakers supplied by Dub-Stuy

Come hear this classic record like you’ve never heard it before. Then stick around for the book launch party for not only the Official Book of Record Store Day 2014, but the most highly anticipated vinyl records book ever. The best part about it is that the CAS listening party is FREE. Here’s all the details:

Classic Album Sundays NYC Dust & Grooves Session
Album: Quincy Jones ‘Walking in Space’ – Eilon’s favourite album!
Date & Time: Sunday, 19 April 4 pm
Address: The PowerHouse Arena, 37 Main St, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: FREE
Presenter: Ron Like Hell & Eilon Paz

More details about the CAS event here.

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