Sleepin Giant – Purple

Sleepin-Giant-Purple_470First of all, any musician that pays tribute to the excellent cover art of the Ohio Players is ok in our book. Secondly, if the music is dope, well then we’ve got a hit all the way around. Amsterdam based producer Sleepin Giant has been grinding for a decade, preparing to drop this gem titled Purple on First Word Excursions. With a vibe akin to the Soulquarians, Sleepin Giant rolls up a production style (and voice) that makes quality Soul music for 2014. A project two years in the making, the EP got its start with a track featuring NYC based poet Aja Monet. On the strength of that demo, Sleepin Giant was convinced to do this project of his own Soul music. It evokes the spirit and vibe of legends such as Eryka Badu and Jill Scott, with Jay Dee giving the nod to production. Music to live by, music to cry by, music to make babies to, and music to fall in love to. Music coming straight from one’s soul right to yours. Besides Monet, this EP features a two other beautiful voices. Bristol’s Romaine Smith ( a young voice to be reckoned with) and Amsterdam’s Ruben Hein (signed to Blue Note and one of Holland’s best known voices) round out this delightful release.

“She want neo-soul, this hip-hop is old, She don’t want no rock’n’roll”

With a digital and physical vinyl released slated for mid April, Purple looks to easily find its way onto shows hosted by Gilles Peterson, Ross Allen or Craig Charles, who no doubt will make this standout EP trickle down to the masses. Although its strong enough on its own to do that on its own, we all know what kind of nod that will do for a good record: give it that audience that pushes it over the top. If simplicity is what works best: drums, bass, vocals, then whatever else Sleepin Giant is throwing in is a bonus. These tracks are hot, and when the 28th of April rolls around and this thing blows up, remember you heard it on Flea Market Funk. The Sleepin Giant is awake, and he brings his brand of Soul music for every person to enjoy. So why don’t you just go do that?

Keep Diggin’!

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