Wax Rax: Record Storage Storage Re-Mastered

vinyl_record_cart_RC-2_wax_rax_01_71b938a8-3ab4-4314-b597-ceceb994d8dc_1024x1024Over the weekend we visited our good buddy, and fellow Dust & Grooves alum Pat James Longo. One of the best collectors out there, while browsing through some records in his record room, we stumbled upon his 45 cart. A giant push cart with Triad boxes full of records, boxed, tagged, and ready to be taken to gigs. Genius really. When we returned to the lab, we then randomly stumbled across this company who makes custom storage for records. We thought the idea was just as genius and loving all types of vinyl storage, we had to share it. Enter Wax Rax.

Wax Rax was founded by designer, metal fabricator, and artist David Stanavich. Designed with the record collector in mind, his decades of experience are put into making this line of unique products to store, access, and catalog vinyl records. Each cart is handmade in Brooklyn, NY. There are two different shelf systems that put your Expedit to shame. Imagine a librarian’s cart full of books. Now imagine a custom built cart to house your records (not your whole collection, but maybe your go to platters and favorite records), that you can move from room to room and get easy access to your vinyl. Meet the RC-1 and RC-2. Made of an all aluminum construction, your basic RC-1 and RC-2 will run a little over $1800, but you’ll never need another cart like this ever. It may sound like a lot of cash, but it’s hand made, sturdy and will last a lifetime. Sort of like your records outlasting your hard drive. Think about that. There are a lot of different custom color and design options that you can add on and control. The second shelf available is the LP-V series, that holds up to 500 LPs, and is also available for custom design as well. Modern design at its best, because your records are your babies, let’s face it.Wax-Rax_470

Recently featured in the juried MADE section of the 2014 Architectural Design Home Show at Pier 94 here in NYC, if you want to see the cart in person, drop on by Halcyon Records in DUMBO Brooklyn to see it live and full of records. We here at Flea Market Funk like to showcase a product like this. Beautifully designed, sturdy, and a functional work of art, Wax Rax houses your vinyl records in style. While your Expedit is an accident waiting to happen, these shelves will house your vinyl and then your kids vinyl for the duration. Good design, functionality and pretty to look out. You can’t put a price on that. Look out for more Wax Rax storage options in the future.

For more info, got to the Wax Rax website.

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