Rory More – Looking For Lazlo

Rory-MoreWe love soundtracks here at Flea Market Funk. From Blaxploitation to weird French and Science Fiction movies, we are always picking up some OST to add to the crates. Eclectic, odd, and sometimes filled with great drum breaks, we see nothing wrong with these left of center platters we scoop up. That’s not to say that there aren’t artists today making the same kind of cinematic theme music, even if they aren’t classified as a soundtrack themselves. Call it Cinematic Soul, call it Atmospheric Film Music, but we will call it one thing: good. Rory More, electric organist and purveyor of dusty oscillations, thick grooves, and loungey vocals, releases the concept album Looking For Lazlo on Sudden Hunger Records. It is available right now.

“A atmospheric trip through the gardens of sound…close your eyes and enjoy the ride.”

Still riding high off of his decade with Les Hommes, the Jazz trio who released a slew of sought after 45s and 12″s in the 2000’s, More moves forward with a soundtrack of sorts. While there is no movie, the thirteen tracks off of the long playing record fill all the gaps necessary for a film. From down tempo Electronica, Les Baxter influenced Exotica, Richard Evans string arrangements, spooky pop featuring Gemma Ray, a groove filled main theme, and the lyricism of new Brit Folk sensation Anna Sheard, Looking For Lazlo covers a lot of ground. “Free At Last”, filled with the memories of Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane on harp sit along side easier listening tracks like “AM Starlet” and the jazzy but soulful “Sweet Are The Ways”. This record is feelgood music. It’s Sunday morning, paper out, cooking breakfast, nothing to do but relax and take in More’s beautiful sounds all day long. The vocal additions to a handful of songs really bring a new dimension to the record. Sometimes easy like Sunday morning, sometimes dark like Saturday night, we’re not sure if More ever finds Lazlo, but there is one thing for sure. The ride we take to get there is one of the most pleasant ones you will take with your ears. Available in digital format and on limited edition vinyl, this is definitely one for your want list or new record stack.Looking-For-Lazlo-Rory-More-LP

Get the record here.

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