Anteek Recipes (feat. Definition) – Hot Rhythm / Little Stories 7″

artworks-000074592881-q78b9s-t500x500Up on the menu today is a tasty treat from an across the pond collective known as Anteek Recipes. It was their shared love of Jazzy Hip Hop that brought them together in 2009, and here in 2014, Producer/DJ Dirty Hairy and MC / DJ Shut Eyes have given us two hot tracks off this limited edition seven inch on Dusty Platter. First up on the turntable is “Hot Rhythm”, a slappy bass line driven eighties influenced track. Leaning towards G Funk era samples, Dirty Hairy murders this track as Shut Eyes flows through this unorthodox beat from start to finish. A feel good track that’s out of left field, we dare you not to move when the needle drops. This is a dance floor filler for sure.Side two, “Little Stories”, featuring a guest spot by Definition, is a Golden Age vibe through and through. Following a more classic approach a la Pete Rock or Preemo, it’s said that Dirty changed up the beat somewhere in the neighborhood of five times since 2011 before coming up with the final version of the beat. Whatever the case, the end result is a banger and with only 300 pieces being pressed up, you’ll have to act fast before they move on out like Billy Joel. There is a lot of music out there, and we are trying to bring you the best of the best here on Flea Market Funk. Anyone can write about mainstream music. We write about unique bands, records, and that’s why you’re here, right? Thanks for the support and if you’re feeling this limited edition wax, feel free to let someone know and pick it up. There’s gold in them that hills, even if it’s across the pond. UK Hip Hop is in the building…what!

Pre order this record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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