Danny Spice featuring Dizzy Dustin – Incredible

artworks-000076500578-zhnp3o-t500x500You may or may not have heard, but Hip Hop on 7″ is back. Labels like Slice of Spice have definitely raised the bar on their releases (especially the sevens), and other labels are responding to the challenge. One such label is Soundweight Recordings, who have just releases a collaboration between UK producer Danny Spice and Ugly Duckling’s Dizzy Dustin. In the grand tradition of Peace, Love, and Having Fun, Spice and Dustin take it back like stoop raps and raccoon hats. In their eyes, Wild Style has never left, and in the spirit of that kind of Hip Hop, “Incredible” is born. Tailor made for the B-Boy in your life, this record is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise over crowded, skinny jeans and leopard print Hip Hop world we are bombarded with these days. This record could have been played at The Latin Quarter or The Roxy. Real deal music, not a throwback, but a true representation of the Hip Hop lifestyle. Hide your chain because you could get run for it. A killer bass line and minimalist beats are all you need when these two get together. The production by Spice (back after a short hiatus) and Dizzy Dustin’s flow are tight together. Bravo Soundweight, you’ve done it again.

Order the record here

Keep Diggin’!

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