In Case You Missed: Dust & Grooves Book Launch Video Recap

10154546_10152791817798079_1953707445836649482_nFor those of you who couldn’t attend the launch party in DUMBO Brooklyn on Record Store Day 2014, here’s a special treat. There is a video recap of the event, complete with a soundtrack provided by the one and only King Britt. The day couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather cooperated, many people came through (including the who’s who of the NYC vinyl record community), all to celebrate an object that is near and dear to many people’s hearts: the vinyl record. Who would have thought that when a friend of the family gave me The Stones England’s Newest Hitmakers record as a kid that it would lead to being part of the most anticipated vinyl record book of all time? It has been a wild ride, but the ride is far from over. With parties planned to launch the book across the globe, the book will reach new audiences and bring this phenomenon to new heights. However, if you couldn’t be at our NYC flagship event, this video transports you there. Enjoy! Thanks for the support and keep supporting vinyl records.

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