Hooray for The Salvation Army Sale

HoorayThis past week one of my neighbors, who always sees me with records told me about a Salvation Army flea market in my neighborhood. I knew there was a “headquarters” of sorts, but had no idea they even sold stuff out of it. The sale started at 9:30 am, and at 11 AM I remembered. My wife and I were deep into errands and decided to stop by the joint anyway. Admission was 25 cents, so half a buck later we were in. My record boner went down immediately when I saw arts and crafts, boards games. and a smell that my great grandmother wore when she was alive. All hope was lost, and I thought, why would this woman tell me about this lame ass sale? I looked everywhere around and saw more piles of shit but no records. Then it hit me, one lone box of 45s. B-lining it to the box I immediately started to pull out heat. Now I’m piling it up and a crowd of geriatrics starts to come around me. “They must be of some value, he’s got a lot of records there” says a shaky voice behind me. All of a sudden I see the Crypt Keeper’s hand reach behind me and grab my keep pile. “They’re gonna fall!” she says. “If they fall they fall, but could you please just wait until I’m done with this box?” I ask nicely. Her husband starts grabbing for the records I passed up on and tries to eye what I’m taking. There is no way this guy is interested in any of the records I’m pulling. He just sees me piling up records and wants in on the action. I mean there wasn’t much action in this cramped gym anyway, the only movement would have been the Salvation Army lunch rush, so I must have looked like a lunatic rifling through this vinyl. When all was said and done, I passed on the Bloodstone 45s, but came away with a grip of seven inches that were more like record shopping than Salvation Army thrift shopping. However, when I reached into my pocket I was short money. I forgot about grabbing a coffee on the way out to get here. Quickly I went to the lady who was in charge and said: ” I have 15 45s here and 11 dollars, do we have a deal?” Yes we did. So I walked away with enough 45s in 5 minutes to satisfy my record hunger. Now on the way out, the guy who was taking money at the door and I started talking about the records in my bag. I showed him what I had bought, and he rolled his eyes. He explained to me that he had a very large Jazz collection that was thrown away by his wife when they were in some sort of domestic dispute. He said:” I had them all, Blakey, Adderly, Byrd, Ahmad Jamal, and more”. She got a restraining order against him and then tossed all his vinyl in spite. The poor guy! I walked 20 blocks home smiling, not because he lost his collection, but because today was a good day. I was surprised when I got home that one of my finds was a highly sought after record. John Manship called it the rarest of the rare on his site. The record is Lynn Varnado’s “Wash and Wear Love”, a huge tune at Wigan Casino in the 70’s. It has been bootlegged on styrene during the 70’s, and repressed by Soul City later. The cover is not color, but my copy is. It is in really great shape, and I most likely will be selling it at some point. Any interested parties feel free to hit me up. I haven’t graded it yet, but it is definitely playable with the label in very good condition as well. It’s gone for huge money the last few years, so if you’re serious, you know what to offer. Hooray for the Salvation Army Sale!


Aretha Franklin – 8 Days on the Road/ Atlantic
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Girl/ Brunswick
Albert King – I Wanna Get Funky/ Stax
Crown Heights Affair – Super Rod/ RCA
Ohio Players – Pain/ Westbound
Big Maybelle – 96 Tears/ Rojac
Johnny Griffiths Inc – Let’s Get It On/ RCA
David T. Walker – Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time/ Ode
Mongo Santamaria – I Feel Good/ Columbia
J. Gardner – Mustard Greens/ Blue Rock
Lynn Varnado – Wash & Wear Love/ Gator
Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce/ Verve
Linda Perry – It’s All In The Back Of Me Now/ Mainstream
The Three Sounds – On Green Dolphin Street/ Blue Note
Fred & The New JB’s – Breakin’ Bread PROMO White Label

Keep Diggin’!

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