New Mix: Moving Sounds

Moving Sounds

It’s been a minute, but I had to come correct with a new mix of records I have been piling up from the beginning of the year. There have been many digs, and I keep saying that I am going to make a mix and then never get to it. The last few mixes have been a little off base (in a good way) from straight up Funk & Soul, and I’m pretty happy about that. I was going to save some of these for my radio show on BBOX, but I needed to get a few of these gems out before the show starts. I will for sure play all of these tracks at some point on the air. Moving Sounds is a mixture of Psychedelic Gospel, funky Jazz, fuzzy Funk, Free Jazz, a secret Funk track to keep you guessing, as well as a slew of other assorted 45s and Lp goodies. This is the sound I’ve been feeling as of late. Heavy drums mixed with a wah wah guitar, fuzzed out instrumentals, and detective themes are prevalent through out this live mix. There’s so much music out there people, that when you find great stuff like this, you just want to get it out there. Play this mix late night or when you first get up in the morning to get you moving. We have a lot more in store here at FMF mix wise, so stay tuned for more treats from the crates. Feel free to pass it on to a friend if you like.

Moving Sounds Tracklist

Danny and Lynda: Keeper of My Soul/ Revelation Records
Oneness of JuJu – Funky Wood/ Black Fire
Archie Whitewater – Hulk/ Cadet Concept
The Paupers – Think I Care/ Verve Forecast
Rasputin’s Stash – What’s On Your Mind/ Cotillion
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Freeom Jazz Song/ RCA
The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds – Slaughter/ Buddah
Iron Butterfly – Soul Experience/ ATCO
The John Gregory Orchestra – Banacek/ Mercury
First Natural Hair Band – Ripped Open By Metal Explosions/ Kilmarnock Records
The Crow – Funky Uncle/ Inner Ear
The Third Eye – Children’s Song/ Soul Fire
Stark Reality – Too Much Tenderness/ Stones Throw
Unknown – Secret Funk Track

Stream the mix from my mixcloud page.

Download Moving Sounds with the mix cloud downloader.

Keep Diggin’!


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