Freqnik & WDRE: Stamp Tramp b/w Make It Marley

Fridays-Funky-45-Side-AFridays-Funky-45-Side-BThere are guys that make beats, and then there are guys that make beats. Freqnik & WDRE are those guys. They make beats. They do remixes. Their limited run records sell out fast. Real fast. The like to make records that make your head nod and they like to make records with party breaks. Who didn’t have a copy of Bull Dog Breaks or any of the bajillion Funk inspired breaks in the 90’s? One of their last releases got picked up by The Jungle Brothers to freestyle over. They are that respected. But like Keyser Söze, poof they were gone for a minute. However, Freqnik & WDRE are back, and funkier than ever. Their latest release, in a series called Friday’s Funky 45s (which brings their Soundcloud remixes pressed to limited run vinyl) the Strong Island Duo take on two funky breaks and flip them lovely.

The A-Side, “Stamp Tramp” is a burner that makes great use of a few known samples that never, ever get old. Neck snapping drums all the way through, this has B-Boy up rocking on a Saturday night written all over it. Fans of Shaolin Soul, funky 45’s and 90’s Hip Hop will be all over this release. The flip, “Make It Marley”, is a collage of funky stuff, drawing once again from Golden Age Hip Hop and various dusty Funk records. Drums that punch hard and a fine array of samples pepper this pot. These two producers are steeped deep in quality music and aren’t afraid to tackle a sample that has been used before and put their own touch on it. Fans of party records, funky drums, and classic Hip Hop will love this double sided banger. Here’s to more Friday’s Funky 45s. Get ahold of this one, it will be gone shortly.

“Stamp Tramp” by Freqnik & WDRE

“Make It Marley” by Freqnik & WDRE

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