Great Revivers – Don’t Mess With GR

Great-ReviversMerlin’s beard! Funk Night Records is at it again. Frank Raines and company are releasing even more heat, and we haven’t even hit the Summer season just yet. This time it’s a 45 by the Great Revivers. Deeply steeped in heavy Funk, Library music, and organ grooves, this quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia, hit the nail hard on the head with this side. This groove is perfect, and just like the heat a lot of us search for, it fits in well for fans of funkiness. Perhaps this tune in another time would be a soundtrack to a soda or beer commercial, antacid, or game show theme. Either way, it’s begging to be played out. It’s damn hard and is smoking hot. The organ has got us mesmerized over here. Once the drums, bass, and guitar are locked in, it’s a sure shot straight out of Motor City via Russia. If you are not up on Funk Night Records, catch the eff up! They are releasing real, live music made the way it used to be made: raw and funky. This foray into library sounds, the third 45 from Great Revivers on FNR is just fantastic. We can not wait to get our hands on the full length when it’s available (we see you with that test pressing on social media Frank!). As always, these releases are first come first serve and in a limited pressing. The frequency of good, quality music coming out of FNR is astounding. Another Midwest powerhouse indeed. Don’t take my word, listen for yourself!

Keep Diggin’!

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