Paz Antiguana Keep Boogaloo Alive In France

1654244_659458667443894_82880317_n131864_560598113996617_1944878709_oAs today marks the beginning of the World Cup, it’s as good a day as any to drop some flavor into the mix. Paz Antiguana are a Boogaloo band out of Paris, France. They make Boogaloo tunes that transport you back to New York City in the 1960s, but in the present day. This seven piece consists of Corina Santana (vocals), Laure Medina (piano, backing vocals), Arnaud Huber (timbales), Jean-Roch Millet (congas), Nelson Silva (trombone, backing vocals), Rémi Boyer (trombone, backing vocals), and Manu “El pescador” Jueves (bass, backing vocals). They have a new forty five out on Holy Cane Spirit. Limited to a pressing of 250, with 100 being hand numbered, “Surfing The Channel” b/w “Groovin’ ” is a must have for all of you Latin fans out there.

As soon as the needle drops and the organ and percussion kick in, your head is moving. Actually it doesn’t stop there. Your body is soon to follow. Whoop whoop whoop! This side not only brings you to those early Boogaloo parties, but you are also on the beach with a tall drink your hand at the same time. It’s the authenticity of the sound, the pure excitement for music, and the love of the genre that shows in these two tracks. “Surfing the Channel” is a hot side, Corina Santana’s vocals killing it. Sweet and spicy, she moves through this perfectly rhythmed horn and percussion track, as the keys move all the way through. Definitely a winner here. The flip is “Groovin’ “, a cover of The Young Rascals. Paz Antiguana takes their Blue Eyed Soul and adds their signature Boogaloo sound to enhance this 40+ year old tune. A great interpretation that will have you dancing with your mate all afternoon long. So as we think of football today, and a month long journey of the World Cup, the added flavor of Boogaloo, alive and well in France kicks it off here at FMF. Goalaso!!!

Check out Paz Antiguana on Facebook.

Contact pazantiguana [ at ] gmail com to get the record.

Keep Diggin’!

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