Glenn Maltman – Talkin’ Baloney

avatars-000045263449-zpye3t-t500x500It’s no secret that the music for television and commercials (as well as dance studios like Hoctor) are some of the most low key, funky tunes ever written. Most of the players live in obscurity, although the big Library record labels have made quite a name for themselves with collectors, producers, and DJs. What’s cool is now a lot of bands are including tracks on vinyl that may have been exclusively for background in consumer advertising. People’s eyes have opened up a bit, musician’s ears have broadened, and we think you’ll be seeing a lot of intentional Library Music being made and offered to the public. Sure it’s a small niche, but we think it’s going to happen.

Now, there are people that do it because they admire the genre, and people that actually do it for a living. Glenn Maltman is one of them. Glenn is a fan of FMF and sent over some of his work, which is really amazing. He does music for tv and film, and when he sent me this track. He had me at Hammond organ. There is no way to get my attention quicker than to say Hammond (or drum break for that matter). “Talkin’ Baloney” is a slow burner of a stroll that pairs the organ with the piano along with some Jazz drums. It’s a Soul Jazz party and everyone is invited. Enjoy this little slice of organ today while you take on your Friday. Look for more funky nuggets from Glenn coming to a movie or tv screen near you.

More about Glenn Maltman here.

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