Juice Box Crowd Fund Their 10″

1956756_1420004578256797_260988475_oIn todays diverse environment of music, you need do something to stand out in the crowd. Whether it’s going about touring differently, linking up with an off kilter sponsor, or having a gimmick, the bottom line is you’ve got to stand out to really get noticed. However, an emerging band has choices. While records are still made the old fashion way, with money saved up personally to get a disc cut or getting picked up by a label, there is another popular way that has creeped on to the scene over the last few years. Crowd Funding. Start a Kickstarter campaign or a similar platform and get your fans behind a project. It happens every day. Today we visit sunny San Diego, where the quartet known as Juice Box are crowd funding their music to put out their debut 10″ record. Juice Box’s sound is a mix between Soul and Cool Jazz, with the tune “Strut” combining the sweet Fender Rhodes of Ed Cornhauser and Luis Valanzuela’s George Benson/ Wes Montgomery influenced guitar, while Matt Smith’s keeps time on the drums and Omar Lopez mans the groovy baselines. The second track, “Going Home”, is a slow burner of a tune that takes a walk on the beach with dueling Fender Rhodes and guitar. Like a Toasted Almond bar on a hot Summer’s day, Juice Box add more coolness to the growing San Diego Funk, Soul, and Jazz scene with this sound. They make music to chill to, to relax and reflect. Soulful music. We don’t always have to have the Boom Bap in every record, this is a sound we back as well. A perfect soundtrack to a sunny day, it is “real music, something you feel music.” Chugging along like a Soul Jazz record from the 60’s that we can’t get enough of here, Juice Box are on to something. FMF approved, if you dig this project stop on by their IndieGoGo page and make a pledge. If you believe in good, independent music, a small donation will get you a one of a kind, limited item. These guys have a great sound and definitely deserve the chance to preserve it, so when the campaign is over, won’t a purple 10″ Jazz record look and sound great on your turntable? You be the judge, we’ve already made up our mind: Solid stuff.

Juice Box – Strut

Juice Box – Going Places

Learn more about their crowd funding campaign:

Back this project on IndieGoGo.

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