Freak Motif (feat. Lady C) – Killin’ Me

Freak-MotifFreak-Motif-45Once again, cold Calgary, Alberta lights a flame under our asses with a straight Funk injection right into your ears. Enter Freak Motif, not just the everyday Funk outfit. Drawing from Funk, Soul, Reggae, Afro Beat, and Hip Hop Rhythms, this independently successful crew originally from Calgary, now based in Montreal release their first 45 on Kept. With two successful indie records out, multiple tours across Canada, and with The Roots like improvisation, Freak Motif set out to conquer other shores with this hot little round disc with the big hole. The gritty and yet oh so soulful voice of Lady C goes full service on this track, commanding your ears and attention, as the band pushes Funk music to it’s limit. How far can they go, and how far will you go to get on the Good Foot and get moving?

This nine member family of the grooves delivers more than Fed Ex on this 7″. “Killin’ Me” starts off with a JB inspired riff that tell you to get up and get into it to a barnstormer of organ and guitar freak out. When the vocals kick in (Marva Whitney anyone?) from Lady C, she takes you back to a time when The Fabulous Flames hit it and didn’t quit it. A Funky Drummer open drum break as well as an upbeat tempo bring back a King Records vibe without question. This is a part record y’all, and everyone is invited. The band: Stu Wershof (guitar& tambourine), Victor Ulloa (drums & congas), Matt ‘Fats’ Walkey (bass), Chris Vincent (trombone), Kevin Tang (trombone), Scott Bevins (trumpet) Mike McCann (trumpet), and Nick Ferraro (alto sax) are tight and know how to keep it moving. The flip side is the instrumental, which hits quite hard as well and includes some beefed up brass for your pleasure. Available on July 1, it will be available in a limited quantity, so get in on the action before you are reading about it somewhere else.

Pre-order the record here.

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