The Royal Noise – This Is The Funky Part

artworks-000083949260-7fqp1e-t500x500I often wonder where the bands are that just get on the road and play. You know, like the Chitlin’ Circuit bands of the late 60’s/ early 70’s. Sure bands play, but I want to see road work, and lots of it. The Royal Noise are one of those bands. They put in work. Their latest effort, This Is The Funky Part, is their third since 2010, and the Philadelphia outfit get as funky as they can on this one. Combining their love for everything Funk, influenced by Herbie Hancock and Lonnie Smith among others, they fuse the gritty sounds of a funky 45 with Jazz and Psychedelic Rock elements to produce their signature sound. “Heavy Tomato” and “Bridge Over 53rd St.” are the deepest cuts on the record. If you’re looking for a groove that moves you, both of these tracks get it going. “Heavy Tomato” is on some Herbie fusion sounds, while “Bridge” is a horn filled, upbeat Funk track that fills dance floors all night long. The Parliament Funkadelic influence is there as well, with tracks like “Jumbling Towers” and “Burninator”. Funky, fuzzy guitar combined with a locked in groove keep the party going until the break of dawn. These road warriors know how to keep it funky and there are plenty of tunes for everyone here on This Is The Funky Part. Just enough Funk and jam improvisation to keep you interested the whole way through. A new Mothership has landed out of the City of Brotherly Love, and they are called The Royal Noise. A Modern take on a retro sound done tastefully as well as respectful. Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. They may be in your town soon, so check their tour schedule to find out.

Get the record here.

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