Your Old Droog

artworks-000081348073-ef2qrf-t500x500What if one of the greatest rappers ever to hold a mic reinvented himself as a 24 year old Russian rapper from Brooklyn? Well that is one theory flying around the internet these days in response to these releases from the mysterious rapper Your Old Droog. With a sound that is a little too close to the voice of Nas, this rapper has more than raised eyebrows with his releases. Although no one has actually seen him spit, many camps are split on the exact nature of this cat. Close your eyes. Listen. It sounds exactly like Nas, albeit pitched down slightly. Dude is rapping about stuff no 24 year old gives zero fucks about. What 24 year old is rapping about the Jerky Boys? There are riddles laced in with the lyrics, subtle hints that it could be Nas. Plus it’s Mass Appeal affiliated, and Nas has just got on board with them after raising much loot ($1.2 million) for a Mass Appeal imprint. Things that make you say hmmmmmm. If this is a publicity stunt or marketing ploy, it’s one of the best there ever was. I can’t imagine this dude could rhyme that well and sound like Nas. However, maybe instead of Nas putting out Lost Tapes 2, he kills himself off for a bit, stirs the shit pot with all of this controversy, and BAM!: another genius move from God’s Son. Here’s our take. We don’t care who it is, because the shit is hot on a platter. The beats and sampling (flipping some classics to boot) are tight, and even if it Nas, we ain’t mad, the flow is on point. Your Old Droog, your old friend, a puzzle wrapped up in an enigma. Just what this Hip Hop game needs, a shake up. It’s stale anyway. We haven’t been this excited about Hip Hop since Bronsolino released Dr. Lechter.

“Come with uncle,” I said, “and hear all proper. Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.”- Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

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