Little Dynasty – Beat Shop

artworks-000084199190-3juvuo-t500x500Our friends from NYC Trust are back at it again. This time it’s a batch of beats from E’s E and friends. This thirteen track full of gems record has additional production from Monk-One, Boogieman, Mix Greens, and Vinyl Veteran Mac McRaw. Chock full of down tempo beats with a Mo’ Wax vibe, Beat Shop Volume One fills the gap you have been looking for. Isn’t anyone else getting tired of trap beats, or are we the only ones? Returning to a 90’s smoked out vibe, these beats remind us of Wall of Sound production and early Nightmares on Wax offerings. In other words, the beats are good, and a blast of fresh air in an other wise stale environment. You thought the NYC Trust guys just put out dope records? Think again, they have productions skills son! Better yet, this is a free download. So get on it, Summer is here, and these beats are ripe for the picking. Turn it up loud people, NYC Trust is in your area.

More from NYC Trust here.

Keep Diggin’!


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