Henri Pierre Noel – One More Step

HPN ONE MORE STEPToday’s special treat is another banger from our mates over at Wah Wah 45s. Henri Pierre Noel left his tropical island paradise of Haiti for Canada, but not without bringing some of its musical influence with him. A gifted pianist, Pierre Noel combined his country’s “Kompa Funk” with Jazz and American Disco to release the 1979 record Piano, re-released by Wah Wah 45s back in 2012. The label is at it again, releasing this hard to get early 80’s dance floor filler Lp One More Step. Using the piano like a drum in many ways, he adds many elements (such as Afrobeat and Disco) to his own style, making a groove that definitely will move you.

The label was introduced to this incredible musician, who still plays today in his new home, Montreal by DJsKobal, Moonstarr and Andy Williams, who were all fans. This man’s music had to get out there to the people. The great response after the first re-release prompted the label to get One More Step out there. His sophomore effort features funky cuts such as “Afro-Funk Groove”, “Funky Spider Dance” and “Latin Feeling” as well as a boatload of percussion and female vocal stylings. This very special record is now available on heavyweight vinyl, CD, as well as digital formats. With liner notes from Reveal Records boss Peter Riden, this is one Lp for your collection you need. If you’re not familiar, have a listen below and become a believer.

Get the record here.

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