Hareton + Meta: KM110 EP

artworks-000083340508-unrfyz-t500x500Mr. Bongo has been consistently raising his bar of records this year with the output of rare tracks from Brazil. This time he may have out done himself. The latest holy grail, a record on many wants list, is Hareton + Meta’s KM110 EP. Hareton Salvanini’s 1971 sought after psychedelic, drum break filled EP has now been reissued by David Buttle himself. We can’t say that we’ve heard anything like this one here at Flea Market Funk. It’s a scorcher.

A bit Gainsbourg like and trippy throughout, this is a heavy one. Combining jazz, traditional Brazilian, psych, and hearty drums, KM100 is a dream for your ears. It’s like when you were introduced to Arthur Verocai, The United States of America, or Tim Maia for the first time. You were blown away. You will be blown away by these tracks as well. Four solid sides, each different, but just completely magnificent. Good on Mr. Bongo for getting this out there. Of course he wasn’t the first to discover it, but getting this nugget out to the general public (even if it’s limited) is a huge thumbs up. With a limited edition of 1000 pressed up (and a near perfect replication of the art with extra seal to make it last longer), get yours before you’re chasing for this holy grail again. Best of luck finding an original that isn’t going to cost some college tuition. Go on and have a listen to the title track below, then cruise on over to Mr. Bongo’s site to hear the other three tracks. Happy Friday.

Hareton + Meta – KM100

Available at the Mr. Bongo shop here.

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