Superstructure – Out At The Deep End

artworks-000087111022-rclf6z-t500x500Whoa, hold on a minute! The minds over at NYC Trust are releasing good music faster than you can hear them! This time, it’s the electronic boogie from Detroit’ Superstructure, aka super producer Todd Osborn. With the influence of Detroit techno and house, along with is mad scientist of sound attitude, Osborn has recorded some ruff and tuff jungle tracks over the years as Soundmurderer. So with all that influence and acumen, it isn’t strange for us to see this talented producer take a left turn and put out a boogie seven inch on one of NYC’s most solid labels Names You Can Trust. Whether it’s disco dub, dance hall, cumbia, or many other drum based genres, NYC Trust is a leader in today’s indie record label game. They are stepping up not only releases, but their production game as well. The crew at the label are all systems go all the time, so you know they are not putting out crap just to put out music.

Both tracks on this 45 are unique in their own right. “Out At The Deep End” is an electronic boogie jam, and might we say, a mighty fine one at that. Filled with an 80’s electric sound, Osborn hits the nail right on the head with this track. Head nodding or dance floor moving, this track is hot fire for the dancers or blasting in your Walkman. We’re not picky, but if you’re rocking the Sport model in yellow, you get extra points. You can’t get more eighties than that, and neither can you with this track. The flip side, “Into The Rest” has that steady rocking’ all night long vibe. Rockin’ to the break of dawn in your ride with your lady by your side like Sade. A slower groove, the synth lines are still tough as they come. This could be an unused track for Beverly Hills Cop. Great stuff once again from NYC Trust and a talented, seasoned producer. Stick this record in your record box please.

Pre=order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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