Tab & A.U.R.C – AlgoRhythms Lp

1907728_772973596079323_8809401412656371611_nIt’s Friday, and we always love to get some music passed on to us we have never come across before. From our inbox to your screen and speakers, we bring you the AlgoRhythms Lp from Tab & A.U.R.C. Made up of producers, Tab and A.U.R.C., this record blends sampling with live instruments, drum machines, and other studio goodness into a well rounded trip through outer space and beyond. Tab, a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and emcee is capable of putting out records in multiple genres. He’s branched out from his hip hop start to releasing on a major label as well as scoring television shows like The Real World, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and more. This is their second release together since 2011’s Greyscale Ballads.

The AlgoRhythms Lp reminds us a lot of Express Rising’s first record. Not so much in content, but style. Lo-Fi, with hip hop beats throughout, this record was created from a series of on the spot jam sessions. Standout songs like “StopMotion”, with its dreamy vibrations and 90’s drums could have easily been an outtake from a Boogie Monsters record. The short Dilla-style track “Hammond”, with its blips and bleeps combined with horn stabs is lovely, and we wanted it to go on for a few more minutes. Our favorite track, “Taster’s Choice”, is begging to be rhymed over, but even if it isn’t, the piano riff moves back and forth until the break, then comes back with some Shaolin drums to take us out. Great stuff. These guys wear some of their musical influences on their sleeves and it’s ok. A great record that just came out on August 11th, RIYL trip hoppy, hard drums, obscure samples, and a sleepy flow. Another plus is that these guys are out of New Jersey. It’s a coincidence that two NJ acts are back to back, a first here in all the years at FMF. Don’t sleep on this one.

Stream or download the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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