John Robinson & PVD – Full Circle Remix

artworks-000086955039-5woxzd-t500x500There is something in a jazz that has always grabbed us here at Flea Market Funk. A testament to its power lies in many classic Hip Hop tracks that have gone on to use jazz as a backbone of their songs. The game changed with guys like Greg Osby and Guru, who incorporated live jazz players over hip hop beats. Guru’s Jazzmatazz series was ground breaking, and set the stage for many hip hop artists to mess with a live band. Today we have an extension of these musicians in John Robinson & PVD. John Robinson, aka Lil’ Sci of Scienz of Life and drummer, composer, and bandleader Pat Van Dyke met six years ago. Since then, the duo has performed in the Tri-State area, gracing the stage at places like SOB’s and the Blue Note NYC among others. Their new album, Modern Vintage is a combination of modern software mixed in with vintage synthesizers and outboard gear. This is all sewn together with live instrumentation, as well as being spontaneously written in the studio during each session. A nod back to the 60’s and 70’s, the music spoke to JR and he created as each session progressed. A vintage jazz recording mind set indeed.

““My goal from the beginning was to take advantage of the fact that I am working with PVD – a composer and musician, not just a beatmaker and producer. That definitely makes this record different from my other releases.”- John Robinson on the making of Modern Vintage

“Full Circle (Remix)” takes the classic Gangstarr track “Jazz Thing” into 2014, with live instruments and JR rocking the mic giving nods to Max Roach, Kool Herc, Bird, and others. Featuring the trumpet of Ted Chubb and the tenor saxophone of Bryan Beninghove, this remix of the album’s closer was composed, performed, and produced by Van Dyke. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Plus it was recorded in Jersey City, so this record is proof we made the move here for a good reason. Another top notch JC production. This Summer banger is just what you need as the weekend approaches. You can never go wrong with jazz music. Believe that. “If you feel the vibes, you should just press rewind”.

Download the track for free here.

Get the LP here.

More info on their website.

Keep Diggin’!

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