Introducing The Ottbox

10384670_10152543222836942_170546660666761418_nUp until the invention of the Tucker & Bloom Rich Medina 45 bag, we always had trouble with transporting forty fives to gigs. What you were usually stuck with were vintage record boxes that either opened up from the latch, lost the bottom from weight, or the handle broke off in your hand. Not a great thing when you are running on the subway or down a crowded street getting to a gig. Tucker & Bloom solved that 3 to 4 hour 45 bag lovely. But what if something like that wasn’t your taste? What if you, like your musical taste, preferred something more traditional? Well, digger, DJ, and now record case builder King Otto has a treat for you. Introducing, The Ottbox.

Most DJs are creative in other ways. We here at FMF are into graphic design and furniture. Others are artists, graff writers, painters, and the like. King Otto likes to build things. So when we saw The Ottbox come across the pike, we had to share it with you. Each box is hand made to order in Minneapolis and offers a few different choices for different situations, which is really great. Here they are:


Your first choice is your basic single, wood 45 box. It holds about 2-3 hours of music (approximately 80 45s) and comes outfitted with a plastic handle and felt (no hardware). That will run you $50.

photo 1

The second choice has a vinyl handle, rounded corners, and felt on the top and bottom. It also holds about 80 forty fives. This will run you $75.

photo 5

Your third choice has a leather handle, brass hardware, corner pieces, clasps and 90 degree stopping hinges. It also has a felt lining and holds the same amount of 7″ records as the previous two. This box runs $100.


The next choice is a double sided box. This one has a leather handle, brass hardware; corner pieces, clasps and 90 degree stopping hinges and a felt lining. It can hold approximately 175 45s. This one is for those longer gigs, and of course takes up more real estate. The cost on the double is $150.

photo 2-2

Your last choice is the briefcase. This is a special piece. It holds over 200 45s, offers a leather or vinyl handle, large corner hardware and detachable lid hinges. A big league choice. Think of it as the CTI briefcase of Ottboxes. This Cadillac will run you $200.

Each box, like we said earlier, is hand made by Otto himself, and is available in a variety of stain, paint, and felt colors. In other words, these bespoke wood record boxes will be one of a kind. You’ll own a piece that will be specific to you an your tastes. These boxes look dope, and are an extension of an already talented DJ and all around good dude. If you’re looking for a piece to transport your precious 45s in style, The Ottbox is what you’ve been searching for.

If you’re interested in one, hit Otto up at or on his Facebook page.

Keep Diggin’!

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