Hugh Gledhill – Don’t Rush

artworks-000087236645-4zo686-t500x500When you have the funk and soul flowing through your veins, it’s a special thing. Guitarist Hugh Gledhill (James taylor Quartet and Jezebel Sextet) has just that, and gives us his debut solo effort, Big Dinosaur Mouth on Sookie Records. Featuring Gledhill on guitar, Seamus Beaghen (Trio Valore) on Hammond, the Killer Horns (Alice Russell), and Burundian singer/songwriter Mudibu on vocals, this release is a journey through boogaloo guitar, hammond sounds, and Memphis soul. Recorded right to analog tape, here’s another musician preserving the sound and techniques of the old guard.

Nine tunes strengthen this debut of a solid guitar player backed by solid musicians. The first single, “Don’t Rush”, is a combination of sweet soul out of Memphis and a Paul Weller vocal vibe from Mudibu that would have fans turning their heads to see if it’s a new Weller single. This close resemblance is uncanny, but Gledhill has surrounded himself by the the deep hammond of Beaghen, which plays well off of his guitar stylings and the beautiful voice out of Burundi. This is Summertime music you can play all year round people, and contains a bit of a ska vibe as well. Let’s not forget the Killer Horns, who round out this track lovely. This full length has a lot to offer, and “Don’t Rush” is the perfect starting point. A fitting edition to your Modern soul collection, Hugh Gledhill gets a major thumbs up from Flea Market Funk. Soul music the way its meant to be heard, pure and simple. Check out “Don’t Rush” below.

Get the release here.

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