Jazz Spastiks – The Product LP

artworks-000088714152-t2lye8-t500x500A few months ago we highlighted Jazz Spastiks excellent single “Move”, featuring Apani B Fly. Well, this funky duo is back with a full LP, The Product, a record that takes the previous single to new levels. Featuring guest appearances by everyone from Count Bass D to Sach, Yesh, and Ladybug Mecca (that Lady Bug Mecca!), this project is one to drop the needle on again and again. It’s nice to hear jazz samples in hip hop music, oh man how we’ve missed you. A nineties vibe and a golden age flow, Jazz Spastiks keep the party going and heads nodding through each of the sixteen tracks. Not hard to see that their production duo from the UK lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps hip hop. Originally only available on CD and digital format, this very special vinyl pressing is limited to 500 pieces only. 350 will be pressed on black vinyl and 150 pressed on white vinyl, so get your pre-orders in before they are sold out. Check out snippets from the LP, available on September 23rd via Dusty Platter. Jazz Spastiks are in the building!

Pre-Order the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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